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In-depth Astro Chart

In-depth Astro Chart

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Want to know more about yourself and what is hidden under countless stars, get your personalized analysis today. ✨

Contact us through Instagram with your information for your detailed chart reading ❤ 

Our readings are done through Instagram or discord 💕 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A. Lang

The best decision I ever made was to get this! You won't be disappointed.

Amazing Detail!

I have had other charts done before but this one was spot on. It had details that I hadn't realized or things I had forgotten about myself. It also has helped me improve myself by realizing some traits I needed to work on. It was detailed and easy to understand.

Extremely detailed

This was amazing, to say the least! Extremely detailed reports that were on point. Plus it was 80ish pages of it. It felt like i was reading an autobiography about myself. Thank you Cryztal <3, Not only did I learn about myself but also found a direction to move forward in! Many blessings to you <3

Sarah Endert
Amazingly Insightful!

I can’t say enough about how incredible the birth charts were for my twins! One might think they would be identical readings, yet the charts were polar opposites. We laughed at how accurate the details were, because it was uncanny. The charts themselves are beautifully organized and illustrated, and the text was a fascinating read. I feel like my kids can refer to their charts for many years to come, and will probably learn something new each time they read them because there is so much information. Very impressive! The natal charts were a birthday gift for the twins; however, the charts have been a huge blessing for the parents as well! I am very much looking forward to my own chart/reading. Thank You Cryztal! <3