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Starry Dreams Oracle

Starry Dreams Oracle

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🔮 Starry Dreams 🔮

   Starry Dreams Oracle Deck has been a two-year-long project for the Cryztal team! This deck is unusual from other oracle decks you might've used before. For starters, there's no guidebook! Yeap, that is true. While we were making this deck, all we could think about was how every card would have different meanings depending on your reading or spread, so, we said No Guidebook. And yes if you are a beginner at reading cards, it might be a bit frightening, but that's what's fun about it, FREEDOM. 

  One more thing you might notice is this deck is a bit larger than your usual cards, the reason being here at Cryztal we like to incorporate our cards into our rituals, for us the bigger the card 👀 the better the ritual. 

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Size 3.5"x5.75" (89×146mm) (56 cards)
Standard Smooth 
 Gloss finish 
With Gold gilt edge + full-color print

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Amazing Deck!

I have used oracle decks for years, but this one is now my fav! It feels good in your hands and the quality is amazing. Absolutely recommend getting it!

Great deck 👌

Hi 👋 !! I love this deck and use it all the time now. Definitely recommend it!!👌