Lion's Gate Portal

Lion's Gate Portal


Every year we talk about the Lion's Gate portal, which is the opening of a rare window connecting the spiritual and physical and while it takes place annually, what is special about it this year, is being accompanied by the New Moon.

   New Moons are the perfect time for manifestation, starting something new, take upon a new adventure, basically everything that has the word 'new' and 'start' in it. With a New Moon in Leo season, the Lion's Gate Portal is tremendously powerful, and the numerology behind it amplifies it. 
  The energy of this New Moon on Leo season brings literally the embodiment of Leos on Earth. The regal aura that surrounds them and everything that follow brings its energy closer to us. This would be the perfect new moon to manifest power, money, love, abundance and success. The reason I say love/ soulmate is the correlation of Leo/5th house with feelings. Sure the 5th house is all about Leo extravaganza, the look, the energy, the luxury, the attention but it is also all about feelings. And I'm not talking about the 7th house feelings, the partnership whether it is business or marriage. I'm talking about those butterflies in the stomach, the mini anxiety you get when you think about them, the feeling that possesses you all over your body and you start giggling just by the thought of them. The same feeling you get when they say your name, or notice your outfit, or compliment your eyes and smile while they move your strand of hair from your face. It's that feeling that gets you weak in your knees, that is the Leo house. And if you ask me it's the perfect time until the 12th to manifest all that, maybe not for a specific person, [do not mess with ties that are not meant to be coz maybe you shouldn't] but definitely go into manifesting your ideal mate, partner, the true love you desire. And what you need will come your way.

  The numerology of this day is also quite important with the number 8 being the symbol of harmony and infinity. With all these in mind, it would be the perfect time to get into our witchy self and do the work.
  Many of us made the new moon water, wrote down our manifestations, welcomed new opportunities and abundance to shower and follow us throughout our life, but what now?
Personally I've been struggling quite a bit. Since the 7th of August, I said goodbye to a normal sleeping schedule, being energetic and pretty much order in general. The 8th was powerful, so powerful I was able to reach a new level of visualization to manifest the life of my dreams but that left me more drained than any spell ever has. I've been eating to the point I'm extra full but I'm still hungry. Been trying to sleep at night and instead I find myself talking to Casper the friendly ghost because I'm wide awake. 

  Due to how powerful this day is, it might take a couple days for me and people like me to "simmer" down the "side effects". But one thing is for sure, something did come down, and we've entered a new age in our lives, and whatever it is, sleep deprived, hungry while full, it is huge and revolutionary for each one of us. 

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