A little about us

A little about us

Who is Cryztal?
That is a good question if you ask us.

Truth is, Cryztal is the baby of 3 people. YES. Can you believe it? Three strangers came together to create this project that we are now sharing with you. Funny part, we met online! Crazy Right?! There's only two possibilities, either our souls recognized each other and decided to stick together on this journey one more time, or we're simply crazy.

So how about a little tiny teeny intro to who each of us are.

First thing first, we got the Gemini CEO. She is the main artist, and also the one that never sleeps to get work done, kinda like she has two brains. Besides the sleepless nights and days, she handles the core of the product and printing. The last one, truly, can be a sh*t-show. It is sometimes a wonder she can work with the CMO because when it comes to graphics, they don't really mesh. No wonders the logo took maybe 50 takes to be done.


Our CFO is a Libra. Her Virgo placements keep us all on our toes. She helps with everything, just always in the background and brings her daydreams to reality with her unique style in her creations. The style is so different that you will know when its her! Our CEO and our CFO has known each other the longest, and sometimes it's hard to believe they survived this long. Libra and Gemini really do make great friends and partners.


And last but not least, the CMO Pisces. She mostly takes care of the social media platforms, because she is the one with the most people skills here, sure the air signs should be the ones doing that right? Not here. She handles most of the graphics (like the logo, thank you very much) and will hopefully release her own deck soon. She is still in her beginnings and early baby steps, but she is sure you will enjoy her products! 


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