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Cord Cutting Ritual

Cord Cutting Ritual

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A Cord Cutting Ritual is designed to sever ties and release any attachment to a past relationship, person, place, and anything else. 

This ritual has two parts:

1. - Cord Cutting Spell - Cord Cutting part can be used for cutting ties or severing connections with lovers, friends, family, or anyone who is or has been bound to you in some way.

2. - The Phoenix - The phoenix part is designed to bring you in your own power after the cut. As in to celebrate the newfound independence and become whole again without anything or anyone leeching off of your energy.



What will be needed

  • First and Last Name of Both Parties
  • Birthdates
  • Reference, who is cutting ties with whom
  • The reason why

The consultation will be done through Instagram, only @cryztal_co or

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It Work's

I had This Done On My Husband And Someone Esle And It Really Works, This Other Person Moved On And Now My Husband Is Free Of Them And Wants Nothing To Do With Them At All. It Only Took A Week. I Toldly Recommend This Cord Cutting Ritual